3x  M18 with either 1200 or 1800W Bulb


2x Fresnel 650W
3x Fresnel 300W
4x Fresnel 1000W
2x Fresnel 2000W
3x150W dedolight kit


Softlights- Bi colour and/or RGB where stated

1x Astera titan set (8 tubes RGBWW ) with controller (Kinoflo 4 bank housing on request)
1x Astera Helios Tube
1x Skypanel s60-C RGBWW + DOP Choice Snapbag and grid
2x Aladdin All in 2 (2×1) RGBWW lights with softbox and grid
2x Luxli Timpani (1×1) RGBWW lights with softbox and grid
1x Aputure Mc kit (12 Mc lights RGBWW plus charger box)
3x Aputure B7c LED Bulbs RGBWW
2x Intellytech Litecloth LC 160RGBWW (2×2)  + 1x Intellytech Quick frame (Creates 1 4×2 Light) 
1x Falcon Eyes RX848 RGBW soflight (2×4 foot)
2x Rayzr MC400 RGBWW
6x Nanlite RGBWW Tube lights 4 Feet
1x Falcon Eyes RX 18TD
1x Nanlite NGCNST228C/2 configurable in 4×1 or 2×2 2 dimensions


2x Nanlite Forza 60B Bicolor + FL 11 Fresnel lens
2x Aputure 300D Mark 2
1x Aputure 600D
  -1x Lightdome II Mini
  -1x Lightdome II
  -1x Spotmount 36 degrees


1x 4ft 4 Bank


2x 12×12 frame
    1x  12×12 blackout
    1x 12×12 Ultrabounce
    1x 12×12 full silk
    1x 12×12 1/2 silk
1x 6×6 frame
     6×6 gridcloth
     6×6 silk
3x 4×4 Trace Frame
4x Floppy flag
2x 18×24 Flag
2x 30×36 Flag
2x 24×30 Flag
1x 36×24 net kit
1x 24×18 net kit

8x Cstand 40″ , comes with arm and knuckle
1x Cstand 30″
2x Cstand 20″
3x Pop stands (3stage)
2x combo stands (3 stage)
2x Master Cine High Stand
1x Master Cine K stand
2x Windup 087NW
2x MiniBoom Arms
3x polecat long/short


4 Polyboard holders
4 Mathellini clamps 2 inch 
2 Mathellini clamps 6 inch end jaw
10 K clamps
4 Magic arms
2 Jumbo knuckles


4 2.5K dimmers DMX capable
1 2.5K dimmer


Haze – Unique 2.1 Hazer
Smoke – Chauvet Hurricane


30 Sandbags


1x 6 rung stepladder


32A 3ph > 3x32a 1ph Distribution Box
63A 3ph > 3x63A 1ph Distribution Box
32A > 4x16A distribution
4x 3 core distribution (50mtr)
4x 3 core distribution (25mtr)
5x 3 core distribution (15mtr)
8x 3 core distribution (8mtr)
4x 3 core distribution (4mtr)
1 32a > 16a y cord
6 16a > 16a y cord
8 13a > 16a jumper
8 16a > 13a jumper
2 16a > 13a 4 way
8 16a > 13a 2 way


Blackwrap @ £42/roll TBC
Gels @ £10.00 per metre TBC